Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starting A Chapter

The first order of business should be naming the chapter. I make a motion for the "Thomas B. Farrell Student Chapter of RSA (Northwestern University)."

Thomas Farrell, professor of communication studies at Northwestern University, died June 12 2006 at age 59 in Evanston. In 1976, Farrell became assistant professor of communication studies at Northwestern, eventually becoming a full professor in 1984. Notable is Farrell’s 1993 publication of Norms of Rhetorical Culture, chosen for the National Communication Association Winans-Wichelns award for book of the year in 1994.

Selected Publications:

"Habermas on Argumentation Theory: Some Emerging Topics." Journal of the American Forensic Association 16 (1979): 77-82.

"Knowledge, Consensus, and Rhetorical Theory." Quarterly Journal of Speech 62 (1976): 1-14.

"Media Rhetoric as Social Drama: The Winter Olympics of 1984." Critical Studies in Mass Communication 6 (1989): 158-182.

Norms of Rhetorical Culture. New Haven: Yale UP, 1993.

"On the Disappearance of the Rhetorical Aura." Western Journal of Communication 57 (1993): 147-158.

"Political Conventions as Legitimation Ritual." Communication Monographs 45 (1978): 293-305.

"Practicing the Arts of Rhetoric: Tradition and Invention." Philosophy and Rhetoric 24 (1991): 183-212.

"Social Knowledge II." Quarterly Journal of Speech 64 (1978): 329-334.

"Validity and Rationality: The Rhetorical Constituents of Argumentative Form." Journal of the American Forensic Association 13 (1977): 142-149.

(with G. Thomas Goodnight)
"Accidental Rhetoric: The Root Metaphors of Three Mile Island." Communication Monographs 48 (1981): 271-300.

(with Tamar Katriel)
"Scrapbooks as Cultural Texts: An American Art of Memory." Text and Performance Quarterly 11 (1991): 1-17.

(with Thomas S. Frentz)
"Communication and Meaning: A Language-Action Synthesis." Philosophy and Rhetoric 12 (1979): 215-255.